In the first hundred years of telecommunications, not much happened. Since privatisation and liberalisation, a communications revolution has brought increased competition, lower prices and an avalanche of new services. Things did not get easier in the process, however. Whether you use the ether, copper or glass fiber, if your business is in communication you will be jumping the hurdles of the law on a seemingly daily basis.

The telecommunications market is a market of vast opportunities but it is also a regulatory minefield. Is the regulator enabling competitive growth or impeding investment? How do service providers obtain reasonable access to dominant infrastructures? Do spectrum licensing requirements guarantee pluralism or stifle innovation? Is that company newsletter a useful tool or illegal spam?

We have been deeply involved in the telecoms market since before its liberalisation. Our daily work is putting that experience to use in furthering our clients’ business goals. We continue to think that this market can be exploited best in a joint effort, where you take care of developing the business and we assist you in jumping the hurdles of the law.