Brinkhof’s team of specialists covers a wide range of legal areas, including patent law and intellectual property, competition law, design law, privacy and related fields. We provide comprehensive support to our clients both nationally and internationally. By working in teams, we combine our knowledge and experience to deliver the best service and demonstrate the utmost commitment to each case.

Practice areas

Advertising law

Conducting advertising campaigns and formulating advertising claims have become progressively challenging as legislation continues to expand and enforcement becomes more stringent.

Commercial contracts

Brinkhof's commercial contracts team consists of recognised contract law specialists who can provide advice throughout the entire life cycle of a contract.

Commercial litigation and class actions

We have ample subject matter expertise in the fields most relevant to our clients, as well as in house knowledge and experience in determining the best procedural strategy and  regarding procedural issues.

Competition and regulated markets

At Brinkhof, we possess an in-depth knowledge of EU competition law and regulated markets, and recognise that effective competition is an essential precursor of economic prosperity


Brinkhof has a dedicated team of experienced copyright lawyers with a thorough knowledge of both Dutch and European copyright law.

EU regulatory investigations & litigation

Brinkhof advises and represents clients in relation to regulatory investigations and litigation at the European Commission, EU courts and other EU regulatory and judicial bodies.

IT and (out-)sourcing

We assist national and international companies, both suppliers and customers, with their specific IT related issues

Media and defamation law

Brinkhof lawyers litigate about (allegedly) unlawful press publications, freedom of information and all sorts of online content, and advise media and tech companies about European and domestic media regulations.

Patent law

Brinkhof is the leading specialist in patent law. Our firm has the largest team of lawyers focusing purely on patent law.

Platform regulation

Brinkhof’s lawyers handle complex litigation and pragmatic counseling across the full breadth of European and domestic regulation of online platforms, based on the Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act and related laws.

Privacy and data protection

Brinkhof's team of experienced privacy lawyers is ready to assist you with matters involving privacy and data protection.

Product design

Protecting designs enables designers and companies to maintain the exclusivity of their designs and products in order to gain and maintain market share

Telecommunications law

Few law firms have as much expertise in telecommunications law as ours. We have been involved in high-profile cases in the telecommunications market since liberalisation first began

Trademark law

With its integrated practice of experienced lawyers and trademark attorneys, Brinkhof has an outstanding reputation throughout Europe as a trademark law specialist.