Patent law

In an information economy that sets a premium on innovation the value of many business is determined by the value of their patents. Indeed, so important is intellectual property that many traditional businesses have realised that their patent portfolio has become their most valuable asset. So the importance of protecting your inventions has never been greater.

This means that it is vital to get the right advice. Patent law is highly complex, which can make it a risky tool. But it can also offer opportunities to add considerable value, for example by extending the length of time that you can exploit the results of you innovation. Conversely, a deep understanding of the law can help a disruptive challenger to overturn a patent and enter a new market with its own products. Litigation is hard to predict, often international and its outcome can seriously affect an organisation’s prospects.

Brinkhof is recognised as one of the leading patent law firms in the Dutch market. We have an impressive track record of success in international patent litigation and our patent lawyers are among the best and most experienced in the country. Our experts are particularly skilled in fitting seamlessly into any international litigation team and can efficiently coordinate the European aspects of the most complex cases.


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