VOSSIUS & BRINKHOF is optimally positioned for the challenges of UPC litigation. We have the lawyers and patent attorneys it takes to run a successful UPC case. The terms for exchanging legal briefs in UPC litigation are short. It takes experienced legal and technical analysis, international acumen, and critical mass to react not only convincingly, but to do so in time. VOSSIUS & BRINKHOF combines Europe's sharpest litigators with Europe's best technical specialists. The UPC is an independent European court. English has been VOSSIUS & BRINKHOF's business language for years. If legal expertise or language proficiency in German, French, or Italian is required, VOSSIUS & BRINKHOF can arrange for and provide the best experts.

UPC Expertise

UPC Expertise

Since 1 June 2023, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is up and running. The UPC is a novel European court system, based on its own procedural rules and located in a number of European cities. The UPC delivers decisions on the merits of infringement and nullity of (new) Unitary Patents and (traditional) European Patents, both in regular and in preliminary proceedings. These decisions cover most of Europe’s large economies (together housing more than 300 million consumers). This new situation requires international litigation skills, critical mass, and the development of new litigation strategies. In 2023 VOSSIUS & BRINKHOF joined forces to be ready to do so. Our combined expertise is set to make the UPC work for our client.

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