Media law

The regulatory landscape that governs traditional and digital media in the Netherlands is littered with traps. As in most mature economies, the rise of new online distribution models has led to a growth in increasingly complex legislation, much of it originating from the European Union.

Moreover, as the public broadcasting organisations that dominated the Dutch market for many years have given ground to commercial providers, which complete both with each other and with public sector broadcasters, a complex system of regulations has grown up to govern their relations. Staying compliant with these laws can be a challenge for even the most experiences broadcasters.

At Brinkhof we understand these rules from top to bottom. Our media lawyers have been involved in many of the much debated cases in media law. And we have considerable experience of handling negotiations with the Dutch Media Authority that supervises them. So why not let Brinkhof help with the legal issues while you get on with the real work of broadcasting?


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