The internet, albeit a still relatively recent development, has in the past decade led to a wealth of new law and court decisions. From a playing ground for students and tech nerds it has developed into the backbone of our society and international business. The internet is no longer a virtual world where people may escape and do those things that are not accepted in the real world. On the contrary, you, your company and your competitors will have to abide on the internet by much the same rules as in the real world. Applying those rules in a digital environment, however, demands a deep understanding of both law and technology.

Moreover, the virtual world tends to move at a greater pace than the real world. New developments and opportunities come up much faster than our legislators can understand, let alone legislate for. This can lead to a situation where existing rules have to be intelligently reapplied to the new context, or where ad hoc legislation is rushed into service that is already outdated when it comes into force.

Online developments do not respect the boundaries of traditional legal subject-areas, and nor is your business interested in how lawyers have traditionally divided their fields of expertise. Brinkhof lawyers know all the relevant fields of law, are passionate about the potential of internet technology and focus on helping you seize opportunities and prevent and solve legal problems in the online world.