It’s a great truism that modern economies and enterprises depend on technology and feed on technological progress. Whether your company develops and sells medical instruments of IT systems, consumer products or professional services, the skilful deployment of technology plays a large part in determining your profitability.

At Brinkhof technology and innovation are at the heart of what we do. Our lawyers are highly skilled at protecting our clients’ rights in technology (through patents, trademark and design rights, know how, and competition) and helping to exploit these (via licensing, development, cooperation, implementation, and outsourcing agreements).

What sets us apart is our specialist lawyers’ ability to answer the novel questions sometimes raised by new technology, for example about privacy or copyright. Our clients tell us that they appreciate our strong focus not just on the legal issues, but also on the practical consequences of doing business in a technology-driven society. We go just as deeply into the commercial as the technical aspects of an issue as we believe that understanding every angle is the key to effectively solving our clients’ problems.


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