In retail image is everything. Whether it is realised in a distinctive trademark, the classic design of your products, the interior of your shops, or even the quality of your computer system, the right image can make or break an enterprise.

However a successful image may also become a weak spot if it is an easy prey to imitation by less innovative competitors. Of course imitation is not always bad. An enterprise may benefit from using the ideas of others as part of a carefully elaborated strategy. However for both the defence of an established reputation or successful entry into an existing market, a proper legal analysis is vital, as s legal assistance in disputes.

The law governing the retail sector (trademarks, privacy, franchising, and designs among other things) is a major part of Brinkhof’s core business. Our high-quality lawyers know the field intimately and have considerable experience of advising retailers, suppliers, distributors and other parties on all aspects of retail.


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