Life science, biotechnology and pharma

In the fields of biotechnology and life sciences, what was once science fiction has become science fact. More and more, humanity is able to manipulate the materials of life itself. We run cells into factories for antibodies, for example, to protect ourselves or our harvests against dangerous infections.

Pioneering companies operating in these sectors face complex and laborious legal hurdles. Questions arise about the patentability of innovations, obtaining authorisations for R&D or the right to market certain products.

Moreover, in the current market pharmaceuticals companies are facing ever greater challenges. Innovative enterprises have seen their position change rapidly as a result of the success of generics manufactures. Maintaining their profile means successfully managing and enforcing their patent portfolios. It also means understanding how generics companies might deploy the law surrounding freedom of competition to profit from the ideas of their competitors.

In this complex environment with its diverse international rules, companies need the advice of a specialist law firm that’s as deeply committed to the sector and as innovative as they are. At Brinkhof you will find all the knowledge and experience your require, whether it concerns patents, licences, advertising or marketing authorisations, whether at a national or a European level.


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