Internet and e-commerce

No one needs to be told how much the internet has changed our society, And, just like businesses, the law has had to adapt to this. But new developments have occured much faster than legislators can keep pace with. This means that current rules must be applied to new contexts in an intelligent and practical manner.

Almost all kinds of products can now be sold easily across the world. From the sole trader in an attic to the multinational corporation, everybody can now be active on a global basis. However the legal implications of e-commerce are complicated. They involve a wide range of practice areas and can require understanding of may different national and international legal systems.

Brinkhof has all the expertise and experience to deal with the legal challenges of running a thriving e-commerce business. For years our lawyers have closely followed development in internet technology. This has given us a detailed, instinctive understanding of the relationship between new technology and old law. So we can help you to make the best use of your new options without the legal headaches.


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