Fast-moving consumer goods

Few markets are as competitive as the FMCG sector. Profit margins are often low, counterfeiting rife and consumer fashions change quickly. In this environment it is crucial that you take the right approach to trademarks, advertising and marketing. A well-chosen trademark, the right colour of packaging, a brilliant, creative advertising campaign and a skilful strategy for differentiating yourself from your competitors can make the difference between profit and loss.

When it comes to devising a marketing strategy, however, it is vital to make informed choices at every step of the process. And that means taking account of the latest developments in the rules on trademarks, advertising, copyright and design rights.

Brinkhof’s highly experienced lawyers don’t just understand the law, they understand the nuances. The live and breathe advertising and trademark law, so they appreciate the latest developments in regulators’ thinking or how the courts might interpret and advert. This means that they can help you both with all aspects of building and registering trademarks and designs, and also with defending your intellectual property rights and marketing campaigns against competitors. With Brinkhof in your corner, the entire lifecycle of your brand is always in the right hands.


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