Electronics have played a leading role in the technological revolution of recent decades. Radios, televisions, telephones and, increasingly, traditionally analogue products like cameras, books and cars are now full of digital electronics. And, as in the case of all technology, intellectual property plays an important part.

It’s not just that electronics manufacturers and suppliers need to protect their portfolios of patents, trademarks and designs. In this sector competition law issues may easily arise. In many areas of electronics industrial standards are rigorously applied. Special rules dictate the form and permitted use of these standards. Patents that form an essential part of these standards must, for example, be licensed against reasonable, non-discriminatory conditions.

At Brinkhof, we have all the expertise necessary to face the legal challenges confronting the electronics sector. Our highly-skilled team includes many lawyers with strong backgrounds in the field, any years of experience in advising some of the world’s best know electronics manufacturers.


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