Chemical sector and food industry

Like many industries the chemicals sector is traditionally sensitive to cyclical changes. Moreover, it has also been undergoing longer term adjustment, as many companies have completely or partially shifted from bulk chemicals to more innovative products, such as fine chemicals and high-quality ingredients for the pharmaceuticals or food industries. All this makes for an exciting, challenging and broad-ranging sector.

However these dynamic changes bring with them increased risks. For example, with the growing emphasis on health, there is great pressure on food manufacturers to innovate while continuing to meet strict regulations. Both the chemicals and food sectors are also increasingly subject to a variety of new laws and regulations, such as the EU REACH Regulation.

Against this background, complex and broad-ranging legal challenges arise. Protecting your innovations through patents or trade secrets is vital. Obtaining the necessary licenses to carryout research or to market certain products is often difficult. Given the strong international competition in these markets, expert legal support is indispensable. Brinkhof’s lawyers have the right level and technical knowledge to advise you on all aspects of the law governing these sectors.


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