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In our information society, convergence is increasingly melting all media into one interconnected network. This offers huge opportunities to companies that can develop innovative technologies. And, while it is true that openings for traditional radio and television broadcasters remain scarce, the scope for distribution via the internet is almost unlimited.

However in order to have a chance of securing your place in this territory, you need to know the rules of the game and thoroughly grasp the opportunities these might offer. That means having an in-depth understanding of the complex regulatory framework that governs broadcasting.

The internet, too, has not been a safe haven for some time, and the regulatory burden is growing. Governments are increasingly keen to get a grip on online content in order to block criminal activities and protect children. Falling foul of these fast-changing regulations, however, can be not just expensive but very embarrassing. That’s why it pays to get the best support and guidance you can. Brinkhof’s lawyers have the knowledge and creativity to give effective advice on new issues in this fast developing area.


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