Mzolisi Mtshaulana joined Brinkhof in 2020. He mainly advises and litigates in the field of Dutch and European Patent law.

Mzolisi has studied Mechanical Engineering in South Africa and has worked for several years in mechanical projects and design before entering into the legal profession. He graduated from Maastricht University where he completed his bachelor degree with honours. He holds a master degree in Commercial and Company Law and a post-master in Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management. His theses were on the topics of international importation of patented goods, examination of patentability in the Dutch legal system, and exceptions to the exclusive use of protected trade marks under the EU framework.

Mzolisi is a lecturer at Maastricht University and a research fellow in the Institute for Globalisation and International Regulation (IGIR) there. During his studies he completed internships at various Dutch law firms active in the area of intellectual property law, as well as working as a research associate for an IP based research firm.