Patent proceedings brought by Sisvel against Xiaomi too complex for preliminary injunction proceedings

9 August 2019

Sisvel is a company that manages its own and third party intellectual property rights. Sisvel holds, among others, patents that are essential for the implementation of the 2G, 3G and 4G telecommunication standards.

Sisvel filed two preliminary injunction (“PI”) proceedings against smartphone manufacturer and provider Xiaomi on the basis of two standard essential patents. In these proceedings, Sisvel requests an injunction against Xiaomi. The PI judge of the District Court of The Hague dismissed Sisvel’s claims on account of the absence of an urgent interest and the fact that these cases are too complex to be handled in PI proceedings. Brinkhof assisted Xiaomi in these proceedings.

Read the Dutch decision here. The cases were handled by Richard Ebbink, Daan de Lange, Rien Broekstra, Gaëlle Béquet, Boukje van der Maazen and Julian Eck.