‘Art Law – the Netherlands’ by Sjo Anne Hoogcarspel and Inge Naves

4 December 2018

Brinkhof’s IP lawyers Sjo Anne Hoogcarspel and Inge Naves have contributed to the first edition of ‘Art Law’, published by Getting the Deal Through. Their chapter ‘Art Law – the Netherlands’ can be accessed here.

‘Art Law’ provides an international expert analysis in the field of art law and offers legal practitioners a snap shot of how local laws address some of the most common questions arising when buying, selling and lending art and collectibles. Topics covered include: lending to museums, cultural patrimony, intellectual property rights, agency, consigning items, auctions, export and import controls, borrowing against art, spoliation during the Nazi era, anti-money laundering, the CITES treaty on trade in endangered species, direct and indirect taxation and consumer protection.

Accreditation: Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Art Law 2018 (Published: October 2018). For further information please visit www.gettingthedealthrough.com