Trademark law

Trademarks do more than just distinguish one company from another. They are also a guarantee of quality, a key element of your advertising strategy, and a bearer of goodwill. Through all these functions, trademarks have enormous economic value. Indeed, for many enterprises, a trademark can even be their most valuable possession.

At Brinkhof we understand that the building and management of a trademark portfolio is a complex job demanding outstanding accuracy. Our dedicated lawyers live and breathe trademark law and appreciate, for example, how the way in which trademarks are registered can influence the degree of protection they’re afforded, as can geographical differences. The question of whether a trademark infringes the rights of others is also one for specialists. Brinkhof has many such experts, and we have built and impressive record of success in trademark litigation at all levels. Additionally, with trademark and design agents forming part of our team, we can advice on the entire lifecycle of a trademark. So with Brinkhof your trademarks are in the right hands.



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