Telecommunications law

A few decades ago state monopolies controlled the telecommunications market, now numerous national and international players are active in the market. Furthermore, lots of new means of communication exist: the copper telephone network has been joined by coax, glass and mobile networks. Satellite and ether distribution have been digitalised. The accessible availability of broad-band internet causes the rise of ‘over-the-top’ (OTT) providers. They provide communications services without a network of their own and do not depend on the network of somebody else either.

Developments like the liberation of the telecommunications market are the direct result of legislation. Also rules largely influence the operation of the market. For example, think of the rules on net neutrality or state aid for the installation of glass fibre networks. The lawyers of Brinkhof have been involved in many of these developments from the early beginning. Knowing, interpreting and applying all the rules for clients is pre-eminently Brinkhof’s expertise.


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