Privacy and data protection

Increased computing power is making it ever cheaper and easier to collect and store data. Furthermore, the larger the databases the better the information usually is. In sector after sector ‘big data’ is being promoted as the key to future growth.

However increasingly restrictive privacy regulations must be observed in the collection, storage and use of personal data. Complex rules have been created at both a national and international level, which are enforced with increasing rigour by a variety of regulators. How you are allowed to store and use data can differ greatly between sectors and countries. Moreover, governments across the world have been seeking, and obtaining, new powers to request data in order to safeguard national security. All these developments continuously raise new legal challenges.

At Brinkhof our lawyers closely follow the rules relating to the protection of privacy and data. Our team of privacy lawyers operates at the cutting edge of the field and has acted in many complex and novel cases before the Dutch Data Protection Authority. So if your organisation wants to ensure it complies with all the national and international data and privacy rules, make sure that Brinkhof’s address is in your database.


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