Litigation and dispute settlement

Our clients include some of the world’s most innovative companies. They are used to operating in extremely competitive international markets. And this often entails fighting to protect their market position. Disputes with competitors, suppliers, distributors, shareholders, agents and other parties are an unfortunate fact of life when you are running a successful business.

We understand the key drivers in disputes well, because we look at them with more than just legal interest. We aim to understand all our clients’ businesses inside out, to get an instinctive feel for where you can compromise and where you need to draw a line. This enables us to come up with original solutions and convincing arguments. For us litigation might be a daily business, but it is never a routine one.

At Brinkhof our lawyers boast a thorough knowledge of Dutch and international procedural law. At the same time they are super-specialists in their field, whether it’s intellectual property, administrative law, market regulation or contract law. We also offer expertise in litigating at all levels, from national courts and authorities to international bodies such as the Court of Justice of the European Union and the future Unified Patent Court. That’s why, if you need to litigate, we believe you won’t find a better representative than Brinkhof.


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