Our modern economies in general and your company in particular evolve and revolve around technology and its progress. Whether you develop and sell medical devices, televisions or operate in a retail or services market, your use of technology will determine for a large part the profitability of your business.

The Brinkhof law firm is technology-driven. We eat and breathe technology and concentrate on those aspects of the law that are most relevant for our clients’ use and marketing of technology. We deal with questions regarding technology monopolies (such as patents, designs, know-how, freedom to operate and competition). We deal with the exploitation of technology (licensing, development of technology, technology joint ventures, computer system implementations, outsourcing etc.). We fight for the necessary licenses (like registration of pharmaceuticals, radio frequencies and energy distribution).

Our clients come to us because we are a niche firm, focused on the legal and practical consequences of a technology-driven society, willing and capable to understand the international implications and eager to assist our clients with the ensuing challenges. Because of our focus we are highly specialised and because we are relatively small our services can be direct and personal.