Pharma & bioscience

When we are ill we want the doctor to make us better. This has been so since humans discovered that they could help the human body to repair itself. Since the time that Da Vinci out of pure curiosity analyzed human corpses to discover the way they function, progress has been considerable. That is good news. But it also made things more complicated. More and more, we are capable of engineering at the level of the building blocks of life itself. Requesting cells to operate at our commands, transforming them into factories for antibodies, ordering them to protect us (and our crops and livestock) from dangerous viral infections is no longer science fiction but real science.

You will understand that the legislative bodies are concerned with these developments, but as a business striving for expansion and new horizons you will not always be happy with the consequences of this concern. Questions about patentability, licenses for R&D or the marketing of these products, are regulated more intensely by the day.

We suggest that you leave following and analyzing these rules to us, the Brinkhof team. After all, it is our core business.