Food & beverage

The competition in the food and beverage industry is fierce and the profit margins can be small. The customers are consumers and can be easily influenced or even misled. Your aim may be generating profit for your company by increasing turnover. Yes, everybody has to buy their daily products from your company.

Your success depends for a large part on the success of your marketing efforts. A well chosen trademark, the right color for your packaging, the optimal distance to your competitor, are factors that may well decide whether you win or lose. In developing your strategy you can not disregard the laws on trademarks, advertising, copyright, design rights etc. If you do, even the most promising marketing strategy may not prevent you from losing, maybe even by the hand of the competitor you wanted to beat.

With the help of Brinkhof this can be prevented. We supplement your marketing team with the additional know-how necessary to optimize your chances of success.