Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.” so said Marshall McLuhan. He became famous in the late sixties for his views on the influence of the media, the importance of which can still better not be underestimated today. McLuhan predicted the electronic information age and its global effects:

Instead of tending towards a vast Alexandrian library the world has become a computer, an electronic brain, exactly as an infantile piece of science fiction. And as our senses have gone outside us, Big Brother goes inside. So, unless aware of this dynamic, we shall at once move into a phase of panic terrors, exactly befitting a small world of tribal drums, total interdependence, and superimposed co-existence. [...] Terror is the normal state of any oral society, for in it everything affects everything all the time. [...] In our long striving to recover for the Western world a unity of sensibility and of thought and feeling we have no more been prepared to accept the tribal consequences of such unity than we were ready for the fragmentation of the human psyche by print culture.”

Whether you use, produce or transport communication, your company will invariably collide with the endless desire of the legislator to control and regulate the media. The result a complicated maze of difficult to fathom rules and regulations, unless your investing considerable time that you would rather use for your core activities.

Reading and getting to the bottom of these rules is our, Brinkhof’s, hobby, business and expertise and we are ready and eager to let you benefit.