Trademark & trade dress

You will not underestimate the importance of trademarks. Indeed, sometimes a trademark is the only driving force behind the success of a company or its products. A successful trademark can, on its own and by itself, create profits seemingly out of nothing. Such success will not go unnoticed, but fortunately we agreed that a trademark can be your exclusive property. That being so, it does not prevent that often the validity of a trademark can be challenged or the question whether a company’s sign is considered to have to much resemblance with another company’s trademark has to be answered in the negative.

As is often the case in the law, answers about trademark infringement, what is a good trademark, what is still acceptable and what not, are not always easy or straightforward. Your company has the right to get the best advice in order to avoid the pitfalls of trademark infringement and to make sure that the valuable goodwill stored in your marks, logos, symbols or designs remains intact. Where the outcome of a dispute is not obvious in advance, the success or failure of an entire brand strategy can depend on our legal skills.