Sports & entertainment law

When you are involved in sports and entertainment, as a player or in one of countless related industries, you are part of a global economy. The global value the soccer economy alone exceeds 250 billion Euros. When the stakes are high your success over that of your competitors may depend from your skills to use the laws to your advantage. Not just nationally, but particularly internationally. With the advance of the information age, sports and entertainment have become a serious part of the world’s economy but also subject to a diverse set of international and national legislation.

These rules are often contradictory, mostly because of the competing aims involved. Is football just another service that should be subject to normal competition rules, or it so unique in its ability to unite communities that it deserves special treatment? Are restrictive rules on gambling designed to protect consumers against addiction and fraud, or the national treasury?

We want to provide you with the knowledge and skills to win your battles and guarantee the success of your transactions. Brinkhof’s experience and knowledge in sports and entertainment law are at your service.