Privacy & data protection

Knowledge is power and knowledge about other persons grants you power over these persons. Doing business today is impossible without the use of computers to collect store and organize large amounts of data, including data relating to individuals. The downside of this development as has been recognized on an international level as well as national level is the impact on people’s privacy. The result? A vast body of complicated international and national regulation, both general and sector-specific, aimed at regulating the way data about natural persons may be stored and used. As is generally the case when regulation comes into play this leads to extra work for you that slows down the development of your business. Our advice? Concentrate on what you are good at, leave compliance with privacy regulation to us.

The Brinkhof team can rely on experience from working at the Dutch Data Protection Authority itself and assisting companies in setting up a governance model that ensures compliance with international and national privacy regulation.

Conversely, the steady accumulation of surveillance powers by the State and their increasingly widespread use have led to new questions about the balance between collective and individual interests, including privacy. With the State seemingly in no mood to scale back its monitoring activities, an increase in legal challenges seems inevitable.