Press law and reputation management

The free press is considered the cornerstone of a healthy democracy, essential in informing citizens and holding the high and mighty to account. When companies or governments seek to block the dissemination of important but unwelcome information, your media organization will need lawyers who are both versed in the finesses of Dutch and European press law and possessed of the practical fighting skills to make the argument stick.

Freedom of the press is a good thing, but it does not necessarily feel that way if you or your company has been the victim of intrusive or defamatory media coverage. Or if private information is being shared around the internet without your consent. Legal steps can often lead to more unwelcome attention, so deciding what action, if any, to take and how to manage its consequences are vital first steps.

Brinkhof has a strong pedigree in press law, assisting both media organizations and victims of press harassment in cases before courts and professional standards bodies.

Moreover, the freedom of expression plays an important role in cases where the government acts as legislator or regulator. Whether it relates to the admission of new public broadcasting organisations, opening cable networks to competition or filtering the internet, government regulation must both protect communication channels and keep its hands off the content that is communicated.