Media law

The Dutch regulation governing our media, especially broadcast media such as television, radio and – increasingly – online, was and still is a minefield. The emergence of computers and highly efficient worldwide networks and the convergence made possible by the digitization of all media forms, instead of making things easier have led to even more complex legislation, recently dictated and influenced by the European Union.

Dutch broadcasting, for decades the exclusive preserve of publicly funded organizations, was eventually opened up to private commercial organizations. This has not stopped a significant expansion in both the financing and the remit of the public broadcasters. Commercial broadcasters therefore compete with each other, with the public broadcasting organizations and with other media. In each case, however, the applicable rules and regulatory constraints differ.

With your business you have to find your way in this minefield minimizing the possibility of incurring damage. In this minefield we at Brinkhof feel at home and we would be happy to make you feel the same, helping you determine which rules apply to which services and how these rules can be managed, challenged or put to business use.