Litigation & dispute settlement

Brinkhof is a niche firm with an emphasis on handling litigious matters. The reason for that is that most of our clients function in a very competitive, international market. Those clients want to increase or protect their market share. Disputes about market share are at the core of our clients' concerns; such disputes are contentious by nature. We know that and act accordingly. We will see to it that all reasonable ground is covered in order to obtain relief against a competitor who infringes your rights (exclusive or contractual) or, in the opposite case, in order to prevent a competitor from claiming from you more than its share of the market or of the contract. Litigation, therefore, is our daily business. You will find at Brinkhof a pool of know-how on civil and administrative procedural law (both general and in specialist areas) unrivalled in the Netherlands. The lawyers at Brinkhof know their languages and are receptive to European cultures. They are therefore particularly apt to assist you before international venues such as the Court of Justice of the European Union and the future Unified Patent Court.