Copyright, design & database law

Ideas as such cannot be protected. As the owner of an innovative company, this may not be something you would like to hear, but such are the facts. In Europe the economic principle is the freedom to compete, it is the freedom to copy other people’s concepts and to contribute to their further development.

There are exceptions to this principle, exceptions your company can benefit from, exceptions you have to be aware of as your competitors may also benefit from them. Some of these exceptions need to be applied for and will cost money, like patents and design rights. From others you may benefit automatically such as copyrights and database rights. With the development of new technology, new media and new innovative business concepts, these rights are undergoing enormous and sometimes quite surprising developments.

The lawyers of Brinkhof find these developments exciting and they see it as their hobby to keep track of them. They are specialists in combining the law with the commercial practice of today and tomorrow. They are eager to put their knowledge at your disposal and help you in using these rights to improve your position in the market, attacking as well as defending against your competitors or even cooperating with them for the benefit of both.