Commercial agreements

Concluding agreements seems simple when two companies both are interested in the deal on the table. Managers and technicians are mostly interested in discussing what they are good at, the financials of the deal or the functionality of the product. We at Brinkhof understand that for you the words used in the agreement, the additional clauses discussing legal technicalities are less interesting, even boring. However, they do determine the financial value of the agreement as well. Remember the number of cases reported in the media where unclear or incomplete agreements have led to substantial additional investments or disappointment in the end-result.

Negotiating and drafting agreements, as well as explaining to our clients the consequences of what they put on paper is one of our favorite pastimes, our experience is considerable and we understand your business and business needs. Our experience covers a wide range of agreements from outsourcing, licensing and transfer of technology, securitization of IP rights, franchises, distribution, ICT agreements, joint ventures, R&D and confidentiality to assisting clients in setting up the terms and conditions for new not yet existing products or services.