Administrative & public law

Every company has to deal with situations where its desire to expand clashes with the government’s desire to structure our society – or depends on regulatory intervention and support. You will need a license to sell a new drug to combat cancer, to take over your competitor’s business or to use broadcast frequencies for your new radio channel. If your business strategy is being hampered by the anticompetitive conduct of the dominant operator, you may need to ask general or sector-specific regulators to intervene. Whether you end this often long journey of complex administrative proceedings on top may depend on the strategy set out at the beginning. As with many things, it is better to invest sufficient time and money from the start than to be confronted with expensive surprises down the road.

Brinkhof works for many different clients in different markets and starting positions and therefore disposes of considerable experience with administrative proceedings, combined with in-depth knowledge of the relevant regulatory framework. We would see it as a privilege to discuss with you from the outset your dealings with the government and its agencies, and devising strategies that further your company’s business goals.